This is an album of solo piano recordings by the late Trevor Morrison, along with some orchestral re-arrangements from James Macmillan, Craig Armstrong, Rebecca Dale, C Duncan and Francis Macdonald.

The Scottish Festival Orchestra was conducted by James Macmillan.

Francis's piece "Dùn" (Spotify link) features acclaimed Scottish Gaelic singer Julie Fowlis reciting and singing the poem "To Finlay MacDonald From St Kilda" by the late Norman Campbell.

More info - http://lostsongsofstkilda.com

No1 UK Classical Album Charts

Classic FM Album Of The Year



1    Hirta (Trevor Morrison)
2    Soay (Trevor Morrison)
3    Boreray (Trevor Morrison)
4    Dùn (Trevor Morrison)
5    Stac an Armin (Trevor Morrison)
6    Stac Lee (Trevor Morrison)
7    Levenish (Trevor Morrison)
8    Stac Dona (Trevor Morrison)
9    Soay (arr. Rebecca Dale)
10   Stac Lee (Dawn / arr. Craig Armstrong)
11   Stac Lee (Dusk / arr. Craig Armstrong)
12   Stac Dona (arr. Christopher Duncan)
13   Dùn (arr. Francis Macdonald)
14   Hirta (arr. James MacMillan)