Released: 26th January 2018 on CD/LP/Digital


1.     Sarcophagus   (quartet & harp) LISTEN

2.     Whispering Walls   (quartet & harp)

3.     11th November, 2016   (string quartet)

4.     Folia   (solo harp)

5.     Half Past Midnight   (quartet & harp)

6.     Cantata For No Voices   (harp, cello & viola)

7.     The 10th Duke   (string quartet)

8.     Beam   (quartet & harp)

9.     One Foot Then Another   (string quartet)

10. Stone Lions Lullaby   (harp & violin)

11. The Mausoleum   (string quartet)

Hamilton Mausoleum Suite

This music was inspired by - and recorded in - Hamilton Mausoleum in Lanarkshire, Scotland.

Construction of the mausoleum was completed in 1858. It boasts one of the longest echoes of any man-made building in the world.

Francis wrote, arranged and produced this album of original chamber music, performed by soloists from the Scottish Festival Orchestra:

Violin – Justine Watts

Violin – Stewart Webster

Viola – Emma Peebles

Cello – John Davidson

Harp – Sharron Griffiths

IMG_3140 Photo by Charlie Frances.JPG